Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Famicom Adapter for Power Joy Voyager

Within the past year I've come to find that many different companies have their own Famiclone shaped similar to the Power Joy Voyager. While I'm very glad that mine came with the cartridge, allowing it to work as a Famiclone and not just a portable LCD game, it did not come with an adapter to allow it to play actual Famicom style cartridges. Units under names such as Dr. Boy and a handful of others actually came with a really neat 60 to proprietary (whatever these style of clones use) adapter.

Not the same color, but it works!
After some internal debating I decided to acquire one, just to have one. I figured it would open up the chance to use this oddball Famiclone as a full fledged Famiclone, instead of just the cartridge it comes with. Not to say that the cartridge it comes with is bad, but again it's proprietary, restricting the usage to whatever is on the cartridge it comes with.
Now it may not seem like a lot to most people, but I find this adapter to be quite a useful little tool. The Power Joy Voyager is no longer restricted to just the cartridge it comes with. Now I can use any of my Famicom cartridges, multi-carts or maybe even a Famicom Everdrive, if I decided to buy one in the future.

Use it with Famicom games...
or just be completely silly!


  1. Hi. I have what I think is a Famiclone. It says Computer & Game HT-737 on the box. Looks exactly like Famicon. I have not found any information on it and was wondering if you can give me some info on it.

  2. I just picked up a boxed complete Power Joy Voyager. Where can I buy one of those adapters?

  3. I need the controllers for my voyage and the adapter anyone know where I can get those online